Alistair Fairweather – social media is not a fad

These days, the proliferation of social media means that everyone is a publisher. That can create some angst for journalists whose bread and butter comes from publishing good journalism.
However, Alistair Fairweather* says that social media creates some good tools for filtering content. He suggests that journalists need to see themselves not just as creators, but also as curators of knowledge.
“The challenge for journalists is to craft what you’re saying so that it’s viral”.
He also talks about mobilising tribes through messages which are naturally viral and content that is compelling.

Alistair discusses the difficulty of monetising media content saying that “media and money” is like “church and state” – they don’t belong together, because good journalism needs to be independent of vested interests paying the bills.

Social media is not a fad, it’s a  fundamental shift that impacts on journalists and the way that they do business.

Listen to Alistair here –

*Alistair Fairweather is Digital Platforms Manager for theMail & Guardian Online.