Blockchain – easy speculation in SA

Like so many technologies before it, Blockchain is not a silver bullet. However, it offers the opportunity to recreate the world as we know it. Far more societal attention is given to Bitcoin which is on the rise. And with Luno, it’s really easy for South Africans to speculate (I choose speculate, rather than invest), with a simple money transfer from one of the big 4.

Update January 2018:
I like Farzam Ehsan’s statement on Blockchain:

Blockchain is not a panacea, but it will make things better and conventional players can help

Blockchain is such a wonderful technology, but it will not solve our social ills. Like a knife can carve a beautiful sculpture or be used to harm people, blockchain technology is a magnificent tool, but its use will determine how well it impacts society.  At Rand Merchant Bank in the Foundery [the FinTech unit where FE works] we’re trying understand this amazing technology and work with other banks, regulators and financial markets infrastructure players to bring about the benefits of this technology to South Africa at large.  It calls for a new paradigm in which historic competitors have to collaborate.  Without collaboration, this technology can’t bring about any benefit.