Facebook launches easy video chat – make sure you’re looking good

Facebook has just launched their new video chat (powered by Skype). Get it here – http://www.facebook.com/videocalling

Following their message and group chat updates over the last few months, video chat is the latest in facebook’s communications arsenal. It’s powered by Skype, but you don’t have to login to skype to use it – just go straight to facebook and hey presto, you’re there, and chatting to your mates, with real time video. Fabulous – if you’re not in your pj’s and guzzling pizza 🙂

Does this mean people will spend more time on facebook and less on skype? Time will tell.

Simple steps to get on facebook videochat:

How to use Facebook Video Calling :

1 – Login to facebook
2 – Go to http://www.facebook.com/videocalling
3 – Follow the simple setup prompts
4 – either call someone who is currently online, or open up facebook chat
5 – Open a chatbox with a friend. Instead of typing text, click the video icon (top right corner)
6 – Give your friend a chance to download the same videochat app
7 – check the mirror to see you’re looking groovy
8 – jabber, laugh and have fun on video 🙂

Read more on the facebook blog here.