Facebook places arrives – check yourself in

facebookFacebook has thrown it’s hat into the ring with location based services and launchedfacebook Facebook Places.

It looks an awful lot like foursquare and gowalla, but of course it’s revolutionized the location based game, because facebook is the most popular social network in the world.

Foursquare has more than a million checkins per day, but facebook has 500 million users – it’s only a matter of time before facebook overtakes foursquare numbers for check-ins.

The usual suspects are racing to see how they will integrate and co-operate with the biggest player in the field, but the bigger implications are yet to be seen.

More on the inevitable facebook safety concerns.

There are some limitations – you must have an iphone, or a smartphone that can browse the web to access the Facebook touch mobile site . And of course It’s only available in the USA for now, although apparently it’s coming to other countries soon. Watch this space.