Google’s new privacy policy – today’s the day

Google implements a new privacy policy today – if you don’t like it, delete your history today. They’ve got a dinky little youtube video which makes it sounds innocuous and helpful. But there is some stiff opposition from some quarters, who say that their use of personal data across all their platforms violates EU law.
So the question is, do you go to extreme lengths to keep your platforms impersonal (by creating separate google accounts for search, youtube, gmail and calendar)? Or do you go with the flow and allow them to tunnel vision your online viewing?
The danger of course is that in our world where “google” has replaced the verb “search”, we will ultimately allow them to determine everything we do/do not view.

As Dr Tom Keenan, a professor at the University of Calgary, said – google is so dominant … “If you want to get completely out of the Google world, they have this funny thing, the Data Liberation Front. It will actually allow you to liberate your data and get it out of Google. But where are you going to take it? That’s the question. Everybody uses Google.”