Great day making business sense of the internet at #netprophet

What a groovy day at netprophet! Kudos to the sponsors who made it a free conference – so people like me, from nonprofits, could also go.

Erik Hersman (co-founder of Ushahidi) and Stefan Magdalinski (of Mocality) had some great insights about African (and Kenyan specifically) initiatives in mobile.Rich Mulholland was fabulously entertaining on stage and woke everyone up to the reality that twitter etiquette is much like real live communication etiquette – i.e. if you wouldn’t stand up on a chair in a room and shout something out, then don’t tweet it!


flickr pic: Rich Mulholland = showstealer! If there were more women here panties would fly! Instead it’s tweets! #Netprophet

Steven Newton from Google Africa also shared some good insights on a panel with Techcrunch’s Sarah Lacy. Hell for the whole list of great presenters, look overhere.

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See more of what was said on twitter at the netprophet hashtag