How to keep your readers when going digital – Vanity Fair rocks!

Guest post from Nicky Allen, Marketing Manager Vodacom Mobile Media

Vanity Fair is probably my favourite magazine.  Till three months ago I’d never bought an issue.  I read the mag at friends houses, on weekends away or in the reception of a well respected ad agency.  I never bought a copy , not because I didn’t desire one but because they cost over R 150 per issue. That’s a little too rich for my blood (and I am sure for many others).

That was all before I got an ipad and discovered the Vanity Fair app.

Things have changed.  Now, every month I buy the Vanity Fair ipad edition for $3.99. (R25).

Not only does it cost a fraction of the price – its brilliant and, I would argue, a better read than the magazine.

The content is the same. In fact, there’s more – there are additional photo articles exclusive to the ipad version.  There are two “read formats” to choose from – the magazine layout (with ads, running as they would in the magazine) or an ipad easy read vertical format (sans advertising but with images from the article).
Both versions have their merits.

Vanity Fair has done it right, they have lost nothing of their rich engaging brand in their move to digital.

What they have gained is a growing new digital customer base, who happily pay for their content.  The holy grail all publishers are after.

More publishers should try doing it this well.

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