Infinite Learning …

Since I discovered it, I’ve LOVED Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast. I often find myself internally saying ‘YES YES’ when I listen to either Reid himself, or his guests.

One of these was when I listened to one of his latest on the INFINITE LEARNER, interviewing Barry Diller.

There are times when I worry about my constant desire to know more, learn more, keep moving. I mean why can’t I just stop with the innovation ideas? Having said that, there are several areas in my life where I’ve certainly done the long hard journey … both in my personal and professional life. I’m loyal like a dog, they say – ps. dogs are much loved in our family :).

So I do love novelty … not in bling bling items like a new car or new jewellery … but in ideas – always new ideas. It’s like food for my brain.

I am frequently teased at work about my approach of “ready, fire, aim” because I like action. Once I have an idea, I like to test it out as quickly as possible, revise, learn and recreate. “Shipping” i.e. getting a product out the door, especially an MVP, is one of my specialities. Honestly, I’m not so good at maintenance, unless of course there is learning in it.

One of the quotes from this podcast that really resonates with me:

“The killer of over-analysis is the loss of opportunity.”

If you’re anything like me, then listen to this podcast, and also see additional resources offered to listeners here –

Learn To Unlearn