Mobile health – the local way

Kenya mobile healthHere is a great story from Kenya about how local skill triumphed to build a local system for a local problem. The Kenyan government recognised in 2010 that it had a problem with identifying, and therefore treating, infectious diseases. So the health ministry initially sought the help of a multinational (Bharti Artel). The cost would have been about 2 million US dollars.


The deal was never signed. Instead, four students from Nairobi’s Strathmore university got programming. After they spent a few months at the  Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) offices, talking to health ministry staff about traditional methods of information gathering, and programming into the wee hours of the night – voila – an “Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response” system was up and running.

This story shows us that it’s worth searching locally for a solution, before approaching large multinationals or NGOs. Locals know the situation, understand the context, speak the language, have cultural sway, and are more likely to stick around and encourage sustainability.

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