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I’m always astonished at how people seem to think their facebook posts, or any social media posts for that matter, are private. I have a golden rule that I tell clients – if you are not prepared to say it in front of a whole hall full of people, standing on a chair and using a megaphone, then just don’t say it. Nothing, absolutely nothing online, is entirely private. Unless perhaps if you work for the CIA. Although then there is Wikileaks. Sigh. Just don’t say it folks. Don’t rant on social media.

“Think before you speak. Your thoughts are your own. The spoken word is no longer yours.”

There are so many layers to this discussion, still continuing on social media, and right now it seems every day brings a new offence, or a different person who is saying something offensive and having charges of crimen injuria brought against them. Some of what is said opens up important conversations that our society needs to have. But we need to establish some ground rules. Some basic rules of respect for one another. Social media rants are not particularly constructive, without some appropriate ground rules. Perfect time to refer to our Constitution and some clear thinking by Pierre de Vos.

Are you concerned that you or your colleagues might say the wrong thing on social media and cause chaos? There are some social and political debates that need to be had on social media.
But your company also needs to keep in mind appropriate policies for Social Media Crisis Management – we can help you with risk management, workshops, business processes and social media disaster management.

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