PR Stunts … is Cell C CEO trying one?

UPDATE – Cell C CEO regrets his choice of words … More from FinTech

Outrage breaks out on social media as the Cell C CEO trends because of his blatantly sexist comments about women in the workplace. He talks about women having a “bitch switch” and that since Cell C has offered internships to Miss SA finalists, “it brought a whole different atmosphere. Can you imagine you got 12 gorgeous women and you say four or five of them walk into your company – do you know what it does to the atmosphere in that company? The men dress better, they shave every morning.”

Ah, the shock and horror. Perhaps he says what others think but don’t dare say? Which is really no excuse, especially for a CEO, who should have, at the very least, some diplomacy skills.

Someone needs to teach that guy a thing or two about truly empowered women. It is quite an indictment on our society that a) someone has such archaic attitudes towards women’s value in the workplace and b) that he feels free to speak so bluntly about his opinion in a widely published interview.

Unless of course, this is just a stunt to draw attention to Cell C … perhaps they are just about to replace him with a truly empowered, fantastically intelligent (and good looking!) woman – hurray!

See the outrage on twitter here.

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