Social media can be humane

Much of the time, social media is rejected as a useless time-waster – it’s shallow, it’s the reason people don’t really engage with each other any more, why they are head down and obsessed with their phones, it’s a place where bullying happens too easily … and the list goes on.

And then there are times where the light of social media shines bright. Like anytime I log onto Facebook and see posts on The Village – an incredibly supportive space for parents of teens, which is vigilantly guarded by the group admins as a safe space where people can get true support and help when they really need it. Kudos to Vanessa and Megan who run the group.

Occasionally there’s a big story, like this one, that hit Quartzy. Where social media became a place for a truly good person – Sarah Silverman – to use the power of the crowd. She could have responded so many ways – especially to a very provocative and abusive tweet. But instead she chose to dig deep and be human. And acknowledge and really see the human behind the tweet. The result is truly amazing.
Now *this* is what social media should really be about.

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