Tips on getting and staying “Instafamous”

Some pictures are just beautiful to look at. They take you away, even just for a few seconds, to a special place, a happy memory, a good taste or experience. These are the pictures that “build community” in our online markets of instagram, facebook, snapchat etc. Basically, they entice you to “like”. And that like or engagement amounts to something. It’s not an easy game, as viewers are becoming more savvy – and so they should. They don’t just want a new product pushed at them. They want an experience. A good one. If the end result is that they buy your product, well, it’s your lucky day.

New opportunities are everywhere on social media and those with savvy have learned to monetise their online value.Here is an interesting article from The Independent about how the fame game is changing.

An excerpt …

The posts that draw you in and keep you engaged are those that make you feel connected to the person.

If someone has style, a sense of fashion or an artistic presence evident in their account then I’m clicking ‘follow’. If someone is obviously a brand ambassador and pushing it in my face by tagging all the people they are wearing, it really turns me off.

(disclaimer – lots of fashionistas in the article, but hey there’s something to be learned there …)