Why social media is everyone’s business

Too often we see companies where the directors and executives simply “don’t have time to talk about my coffee on twitter”. They understand the imperative of social business, but they can’t quite bring themselves to get their hands dirty.

Clara Shih has just released a book entitled -“The Social Business Imperative: Adapting Your Business Model to the Always-Connected Customer.”

She says:

“One thing I saw working with Fortune 500 companies was that while they understood the vision of social media, they had difficulty transforming their companies into what I call social businesses,” Shih said.

She noted that leadership teams often become too busy running their core business to pay enough attention to social media, too often passing off the task to junior teams. ”

“Digital has broken down all barriers, and the client doesn’t care about boundaries,” Shih said. “They have high expectations of a seamless experience.”

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