Significant innovations in Africa …

What are the best innovations in African technology at the moment?

My vote goes for this one … probably because I think Erik Hersman is the real deal. He’s been involved in African technology for a long time, and his authentic take on problem-solving generally makes for successful projects. Think ushahidi, ihub, afrigadget, TED, Maker Faire and now BRCK. Watch this project, it’s going somewhere good.


“The biggest game changer in Africa at the moment is the BRCK, designed by Erik Hersman in Kenya. It’s a brick-shaped self-powered box that connects to the internet through mobile Wi-Fi or 3G, no matter where you are. Given the struggles that Africa faces in last-mile connectivity (due to poor infrastructure, intermittent power and hundreds of other reasons), this small device could bring about massive change in terms of reaching the millions of Africans that are yet to be connected to the web.”


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