Think Future … thinking 10X

Thinking about the future can always be a double edged sword – both exciting and scary!

Innovation Edge’s conference Think Future was a great opportunity to spend 3 days away from the hum of the office and THINK BIG. There is a special kind of thinking that allows your brain to expand to what is called 10X thinking – and we did a lot of that at Think Future. The focus was on Early Childhood Development (ECD) or Early Childhood Care and Education, but it served the purpose of making us all think big, and think beyond. One of the most relevant talks to my business colleagues, had to be the one by Ian Gourley on how companies can use CSI – baked in, not bolted on. Their’s is a great story of how to use excess inventory to do some good. Barrows uses excess space on their printing jobs to produce great quality children’s educational materials – at minimal cost. Watch it here:

Two of my other favourites were Anne Connelly on the challenges we face (many ethical ones!) with accelerated technology, and Bevan Ducasse on his journey with WiGroup.

Watch all the talks here.